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Top 5 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is in Decline

Super affiliates make a very good living by promoting affiliate programs online. It has been reported in the press that the top affiliates have become millionaires through affiliate marketing. These super affiliate have gained the skills to drive massive targeted traffic to their affiliate sites to generate sales. They have developed strategies and tactics to make sure they receive their commissions for the sales they generate. These tactics include link cloaking, cookie stuffing and building customised landing pages to capture visitor email addresses. Not all affiliate networks approve or allow these methods. Super affiliates continue to make money because they are able to drive massive targeted traffic to their own webpages and build their email marketing lists. Only 1% of affiliate marketers are super affiliates. The vast majority of affiliate marketers promote the affiliate link provided by the vendors and rely on the vendors tracking system to track sales commissions. The majority of affiliate marketers make very few sales.

If you are an not a super affiliate, you would have noticed that it is a lot harder to make money. The affiliate marketing model is in trouble because most affiliates are not making sufficient money to make the effort required worthwhile. If you spend time researching the affiliate marketing industry, you will find that declining affiliate sales is a growing problem. In fact the only people who seem to benefit significantly from affiliate marketing are the super affiliates and the big affilaite marketing networks. In short, it is getting harder to make a full time living from affilaite marketing as an affiliate.

1. Pay Per Click Costs Have Dramatically Increased.

Due to competition, the pay per click cost of keywords that have a high commercial intent index have increased making them no longer viable for affiliates. In other words, the only keywords that people search for which lead to a sale are too expensive relative to affiliate commissions paid.

2. Competition From Other Affiliates has Dramatically Increased.

In the early days of affiliate marketing, competition from other affiliates was not a big problem. Affiliate marketing has received a lot of publicity online and offline and looks like an easy way for the average person to make a few extra bucks. Today you are not only fighting off competition from other products but also competition from other affiliates marketing the same affiliate program. That’s why to make money online you need your own products and website.

3. Security Software Reduces Affiliate Sales

All the methods used to track affiliate sales have pitfalls. Browser technology and security software can block cookies used for tracking affiliate sales. Many browsers will delete cookies when the browser is closed. Sandboxed browsing is becoming more popular because it prevents malware, viruses, worms, rootkits, cookies and other malware from infecting PC’s. The sandbox is deleted when the browser is closed. All this means that the merchant will still make the sale, but the affiliate is less likely to be credited with the sale.

4. Too Many Ways for Affiliates Not To Get Paid For Their Efforts

It is a well known fact that customers visit a vendors website several times before making a purchase. When an affiliate sends traffic to their affiliate programs they are promoting, anyone interested in making a purchase is likely to return to the vendors website not the affiliates website. If the customer makes the purchase over the phone or sends the vendor an email, it is not very likely that the affiliate will be credited with the sale.

5. Search Engines Hate Duplicate Content Including Affiliate Links

If you submit an affiliate link to be search engines, it is likely to recognise it as duplicate content and not include it in its index. If you build your own website and include affiliate links in your website, the affiliate program vendor will get the credit for the back link. If the affiliate program vendor has a bad reputation with any of the major search engines, it could have a negative impact on your websites search ranking. If your website contains a large number of affiliate links you website may be penalised for promoting duplicate content.. Search engines love unique fresh content. Search engines penalise duplicate content. Another reason why you should develop your own products and services.



How to Repair / Fix Windows 7

If you make your living by using your computer it is important to keep your system and data backed up. Often problems can be fixed without having to retore a backup copy.

Here are a few FREE  tools that I use on a regular basis to fix my computers and home network.

Toolwiz Care is a one click solution that will keep your computer running in top shape and repair many problems automatically.

Windows Doctor us another free tool we use to keep our computers running at their best.

Slim Cleaner is a great program for fixing registry problems and getting rid of junk files on your PC.

Advanced System Care (free version) is a great program for general PC maintenance.

RefreshPC is a great program that will reset your computer back to all the default settings used when Windows was first installed. Many networking and other computer problems are caused by changes to windows default services and registry settings. Your software programs will not be changed in any way.

When I have a problem with my computer I run the four programs listed above in the order in which I have listed them. To solve networking issues you will need to run these programs on each computer on the network. Following this procedure will fix 95% of all windows 7 settings related problems and issues.

This should give all the computers on your network a comprehensive tune up and repair.

After running these programs test to see if your networking problem has been fixed.

If your networking problems still persist try running the Homegroup trouble shooter and Network Trouble shooter from the “troubleshoot problems” option in the “Network and Sharing Centre” control panel.

If your networking problems have not been resolved try temporarily disabling the firewall and see if this fixes the issue. If it does, you need to reset your windows 7 firewall to it’s default values via the firewall section in windows 7 control panel.

If networking problems still persist make sure the following services are running on your Windows 7 computer to use the Homegroup networking feature.

• DNS Client
• Function Discovery Provider Host
• Function Discovery Resource Publication
• Peer Networking Grouping
• HomeGroup Provider
• HomeGroup Listener
• SSDP Discovery
• UPnP Device Host

You can turn on the services by clicking on Start and typing in “services” and then clicking on Services.

In the Services dialog, double-click on the service and make sure the Startup type is set to Automatic and click Start to turn on the service.

Router Supports IPv6
This is pretty much not an issue anymore, but just for the sake of covering all bases, you need to make sure that your router can support IPv6 protocol. If not, Windows 7 cannot communicate with the other computers using HomeGroup. Any relatively new router will support it, so unless you have a really old router, you should be ok.

Run Network troubleshooter
This is to ensure if the connection failure is due to low network signal or no signal.

Using the Network troubleshooter in Windows 7


Try updating your network card driver to what is compatible with Windows 7 so that there is no conflict.

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