Virgin Mobile lets you customize your family’s prepaid phone plan

In the geek-news/tag/us/” title=”View all articles about US here”>US, prepaid cellphone service tends to be a like-it-or-leave-it proposition that rarely fits perfectly, especially for families. Virgin geek-news/tag/mobile/” title=”View all articles about Mobile here”>Mobile may have a smarter approach in store; it’s launching Custom, a prepaid family plan that lets you…

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Affordable Samsung Galaxy Avant officially launched by T-Mobile

Just as expected, T-Mobile today officially released the Samsung Galaxy Avant, a new mid- to low-end smartphone that’s offered at a low price. T-Mobile is selling the Avant for $216 outright, or for $0 upfront and $9 per month for two years.

The Galaxy Avant is a slightly improved version of Samsung’s Galaxy Core LTE, which was released in other markets earlier this year. The Avant runs Android 4.4 KitKat, and comes with an “Easy Mode” that should allow first-time smartphone users to quickly accommodate with the device. The new smartphone further features a 4.5-inch display with 540 x 960 …

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Square’s new chip card reader will make your payments more secure

There’s a geek-news/tag/good-reason/” title=”View all articles about good reason here”>good reason you don’t usually see Square readers outside of the geek-news/tag/us/” title=”View all articles about US here”>US: they’re built to read payment cards with magnetic stripes, not the more secure chip-and-PIN cards that are common everywhere else. All that’s set to change, however. Square…

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​It’s a Miracle WWI US Naval Destroyers Managed to Hit Anything at All

When you’re on a destroyer steaming full speed through the North Atlantic firing at an enemy ship 15,000 meters away that’s trying its best to sink you, you’d better make well sure your shot hits first. To ensure our sailors stood a fighting chance during WWI’s intense naval engagements, the DoW built and outfitted America’s fleet with some of the world’s first fire control computers.

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Samsung is thinking of making round smartwatches, too

Motorola might not be the only company making a smartwatch with a circular display in the near future. geek-news/tag/samsung/” title=”View all articles about Samsung here”>Samsung has filed for a trio of geek-news/tag/us/” title=”View all articles about US here”>US design patents for smartwatches that are much more rounded than squarish devices like the Gear Live. The watch…

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