How to make your wordpress blog or site’s pages load faster

Slow loading pages are a big turn off to your target audience. Fast page loading is an important metric to consumers. Here are some tools and tips to ensure your web pages load in as fast as possible.

  1. Use a content distribution network (CDN) provider to mirror your site around the globe on many servers to reduce page load times. Cloudflare is a CDN provider which has many data servers located around the globe that mirror your site to decrease page loading times and provide many other features to protect and enhance your website or wordpress site.
  2. Install web caching software to reduce CPU time spent rendering pages. Install the plugin “WP Fastest Cache” in wordpress to achieve faster page loading.
  3. Install the wordpress plugin “Wordfence” to prevent unwanted traffic and bots from slowing your website down.
  4. Reduce the filesize of background images and photos displayed to reduce page load times.
  5. Disable and remove any wordpress plugins that are resource intensive slowing down the server.
  6. Disable and remove any slow running resource intensive javascript slowing down the server.
  7. Update PHP to the latest version. Many wordpress installations are slower than they could be because they are using an outdated version of PHP.
  8. Install the wordpress plugin “WP Disable” to disable wordpress settings and features that are known to slow down wordpress sites.
  9. After trying 1-8 above, consider upgrading your webhosting solution to provide better access to CPU, Harware and memory resources. Sites with a lot of traffic may need to upgrade their webhosting package to gain better access to computer resources. Your webhost will be able to tell if your website is exceeding the resource limits provided by your existing webhosting configuration.